MONDIAN develop and sell MONDIAN Sleeping Blanket, which is a chain weighted blanket. Our mission is to offer products that increase life quality by a combination of research, technology and design.

MONDIAN Sleeping Blanket

The MONDIAN Sleeping Blanket is a heavy blanket with chains, also known as chain blanket that provides better sleep for the user. The weight produces a sensory stimulation and a comforting feeling. This creates a comfortable experience which makes it easier for the body to relax at the same time as it reduces automated thoughts that prevents you from going to sleep.

How to get hold of it?

It is possible to purchase the MONDIAN sleeping blanket directly from us. Either visit our web-shop or contact us directly In some countries your employer may buy it and provide it to you as a health care product. The sleeping blanket can be used in several ways:
  • Preventive - As a preventive measure to assist an employee that has symptoms of sleeping deprivation, stress or exhaustion.
  • Sick leave - If you have employee that is on sick leave, it is possible to use a sleeping blanket for a more effective rehabilitation.

Do you live in the US?

We are currently in close discussion on distributing the MONDIAN Sleeping Blanket in the United States. The benefit is that we can provide you with a cost-effective and over-night delivery directly to your door. Once this deal is finished, we will let you know.

When do MONDIAN sleeping blanket help?

  • Sleeping problem - To stay awake with a lot of thinking makes it difficult to relax, which is a common cause to sleeping problems. A sleeping blanket helps your to relax and help you get to sleep faster. It is also possible to use the blanket in the sofa in order to get a restful moment.
  • Stressed out - Today society comes with ever increasing demands. We are subjected to stress both at work and at home. In order to stay well, your body must have chance to relax in order for it to regain strength. The key to recovery is a good sleep, as it makes it much easier to manage stress. A sleeping blanket helps the user to rest, get a deeper sleep and wake up with more energy and power.
  • Exhaustion - When you feel restless, have problem to clear thoughts of your mind, or never feel that you had a good sleep is when a sleeping blanket is a good solution. The sensory stimulation that you get from a sleeping blanket helps to relieve the stress in your body, it becomes easier to clear your thoughts and you get a better sleep that will help you recover and get the strength you need.

Stress and sleep

The sleep is essential for the body to recover. Research shows that MONDIAN sleeping blanket help people sleep better.
Our body needs the sleep in order for the brain to relax, recover and process impressions. When you are sleep deprived, it's more difficult to cope with work, stress and challenges during the day.